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Open Art Studio Highlights 2017 – John Abery Sculptor

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Sculptor John Abery had his 2017 open art studio on 21 & 22 October. Here are his open art studio highlights.

What sculptures where on display at the open art studio?

A wide range of sculptures were on display including mostly indoor art, such as the indoor sculptures, organic wood sculptures collection . Also, some of John’s outdoor sculptures was also on display.

Satin in the pulpit:- Laminated timber, stainless steel and wire.
The tart:- Laminated timber and oil paint.
The yuppy:- Laminated Timber.
Extra Terrestial:- Laminated Timber.
Mosaic table:-
Making of fowl music:- Laminated timber, gold leaf.
Creation:- Laminated timber and brass.
Computer head:- Fibre Glass, computer parts and wood.
Multi Horn:- Laminated timber, gold paint.
Tubby Big Feet: Laminated Timber.
Another Tart:- Laminated Timber.
Smoke Stack:- Laminated timber, wire and newspaper.
Carbon Free Parking:- Timber and artificial grass.
The Bird and the Plumb bob- Laminated Timber.
Six Minute Man:- Laminated Timber.
Scavenger:- Laminated Timber.
Conductor:- Laminated Timber.
Plus:- “Do you remember series”

Open art studio visitors 3

Where were the open art studio visitors from?

People, mostly adults but also some accompanied children, from a wide range of locations attend the open studio including people from:

  • Sydney, New South Wales
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Traralgon, Gippsland, Latrobe Valley, Victoria
  • Morwell, Gippsland, Latrobe Valley, Victoria
  • Moe, Gippsland, Latrobe Valley, Victoria
  • Many other places

The visitors were mainly people interest in art but a small number of visitor were also just out for a great day activity.

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Are there any memorable quotes from the people visiting the open studio?

Of course! Some of the memorable quotes include:

“Fantastic art!”

“Incredible sculptures”

“These sculptures should be in a top art gallery”

“The Let Go Man sculpture should be in the royal children’s hospital to cheer up the kids!”

“My husband would love to see this”

“These sculptures should be in the foyer of a large public building”

Lots of people had seen the Giant Teddy Bear sculpture and had come to John’s open studio to see some his other sculptures.

Many other complimentary quotes to many to remember them all.

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Was there anything else about John’s art studio that people liked?

Yes, for sure. John has a well kept European style garden that some visitors also walked around.

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Are these sculptures for sale?

Yes, many of these unique hand made Australian sculptures are for sale. John has quite a few affordable sculptures especially when compared to other sculptures of similar size and quality. Check out his sculpture for sale.