Open Studio Gippsland East of Melbourne VIC 2017

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John Abery Sculptor is having an Open Studio

Visit John Abery and see all his sculptures in his Studio Wrennook in Hazelwood South in Victoria. The John’s studio will be open from 10:00 until 16:00 on Saturday the 21 October and Sunday the 22 October 2017.

Come to:
380 Thomson Road
Hazelwood South
Vic 3840



John Abery Sculptor - Open Sculpture studio 2017

Interview with the Sculptor Artist

What is an Open studio?

An open studio is a group of artist that have decided to open their studios to the public to show off what they do.

Have you had an open studio before?

Yes, I have had an open studio for the last two year and now I am doing it again this year on the 21-22 Oct 2017.

How many people came to your past open studios?

Last year and the year before about 50 people came each time.

What work did you show them in previous years?

Most of my existing sculptures and the new pieces that were under development such as the wooden surreal sculptures; organic forms; last year some of the completed sculptures that were shown in my recent exhibition ‘Do you remember?’.

Given that it is an open studio, do you talk about and show people, how you make the sculptures?

I talk to them but can’t actually use the machinery to show them how I work on my art as there are safety considerations about having people around when using power tools.

About John Abery the sculptor Artist

Tell me about yourself

I live on a beautiful rural 5-acre block, with a large garden in the Latrobe Valley. I am into outdoor activities, as well as art, but art is my first love.

Why did you become an Artist?

I have always been interested in art but became serious doing art, about 20 years ago after my wife died. I use art to express myself and I just love doing it.

Why did you become a sculptor?

I became a sculptor because I could always see things as three dimensions in my head and I have always been good with my hands. This naturally led to becoming a sculptor.

I’m interested in your art making process. Can you tell me how you go about starting a sculpture? So do you plan any of your works out? How do you do it?

The ideas for sculptures for sculptures just seem to come into my head. I put down the idea in a thumbnail sketch and then develop it with extensive planning and drawing. Because of the complicated construction, I draw them out in full-size scale (1:1 scale) on very large paper.

Tell me about your studio practice – where and how do you work?

I have a very large studio (Wrennok Studio) with lots of woodworking machinery and also steel working equipment. When I have an idea I will work on it non-stop for long hours until it is finished.

Do you have any artists or specifically sculptors that you admire or inspire you?

I am very interested in the surrealists such as Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali and James Gleeson.

Tell me about your recent exhibition?

I am currently having an exhibition at Cowwarr Art Space. It is based on childhood memories, consisting of very large children’s toys and playthings, all made of wood.

What is your favorite sculpture?

My favorite sculpture is Celeste, which is a life size sculpture of a woman kneeling down which has transformed into a Cello.

From your understanding what is your most popular sculpture?

From my understanding, my most popular sculpture is my 1.8-meter high wooden teddy bear sculpture, which is part of my childhood memory series. Kids and adults just love it.

Do you have any exhibitions coming up?

Yes, at the moment I am negotiating to have an exhibition at the Yarram Courthouse Gallary in August next year.

Where do you see your art heading in the future?

That is a great quest and one that I find hard to answer as I don’t really know. I have no direction really I just keep on doing what I love doing as the mood takes me and see what happens.

Do you have anything else you would like to add?

I look forward to meeting people at the open studio.

Steel life sculpture - a pair of pears

This is my Steel life sculpture – a pair of pears , you can view it at the open studio.

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