Sculpture Rental | Sculptures for short and long term rent

Sculpture rental provides the opportunity for for you to rent our sculptures for short or long term. Both private and corporate clients can enjoy the benefits displaying top quality sculptures without purchasing them.

Both short and long term sculpture rental is available.

Short term sculpture rental is a perfect option for corporate or private events where the addition of a sculpture or sculptures will enhance the aesthetics of the event and transform it to be truly luxury.

Longer term rental is suitable where the sculpture will be the showpiece of a corporate foyer or luxury home.

Rent sculptures

Sculpture Rental Benefits

The benefits of sculpture rental include:


  • enhanced environment for clients & staff
  • tax destructibility (please consult your tax professional)
  • no capital outlay required
  • no depreciation or maintenance of the asset
  • there is the option to change the sculpture after a period of time
  • Rent-to-buy option available that provides a reduced purchase price the longer you have rented it for

Rent Artwork Today

If you see some artwork that is for sale here that you would like to rent please contact us to get a price and arrange the details for transport.

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