Why buy sculpture?

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Why buy sculpture?

There are many different reasons why people buy sculptures. Below are just a few reasons people buy sculptures.

Why buy sculpture?

Art lover

Art can be wonderful and provide the viewer a positive feeling when they view or interact with it. If you are an art lover you may buy a sculpture because you like the way it looks and makes you feel. Art lovers can often have a collection of  art that they like and may add to it when they find a piece that they like.

Art investor

Some art can appreciate in value. Often when an artist is famous their work increases in value. Art investors are often  very wealthy individuals to diversify their portfolio.  They purchase well know artwork that is likely to appreciate over time. Art investors often expect to generate 5-6% return on investment. There is an other type of ‘art investor’ who speculate on artwork that they  believe will appreciate in value. These ‘investors’ try to buy art at a low price from before the artist is famous. They hope to sell their work once the artist has become more renowned and people or collectors are willing to pay much more for their pieces.

Indoor Sculpture

Why buy Indoor Sculpture?

A nice indoor sculpture can enhance the space and provide a focal point for the room. This can take an otherwise ordinary room and transform it into a special place. Depending on the sculpture, it can provide an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming  feeling to the space or it can be confronting and make people think. Either way a indoor sculpture can be a talking point and a great addition to a room or space that enhances it.

This is an example of one of  John Abery’s indoor sculptures. Click here for more on this piece.

Organic wood sculpture 1

Indoor sculpture John Abery´s made from wood.


Outdoor and Garden Sculpture

Why buy an outdoor or garden sculpture?

In a similar way that indoor sculptures can enhance an indoor space, outdoor sculptures can enhance an outdoor or garden space. If you have a garden that you want to add a WOW factor to you could try more or different plants, trees or an outdoor structure or you could use an outdoor sculpture (or do both which could be twice as good). Buying a garden sculpture maybe just what you need to spruce up your garden.

This is an example of one of John Abery’s outdoor sculptures. Check out more outdoor sculptures for sale by John Abery.

Abstract metal sculpture 1 steel

Outdoor abstract metal sculpture by John Abery

Often you will find that an outdoor sculpture will draw people to it more than any plant, tree or outdoor structure. People will like to look at the detail in the sculpture and discuss its form and meaning. Just look at community gardens and other community outdoor spaces, the best ones have an outdoor sculpture or two to enhance the atmosphere.


Sculpture For Small Business

Sculptures can be a great option for small business, particularly those types of business where the customer comes to the business, like a shop (coffee shop, winery, restaurant etc…). A sculpture can improve the atmosphere for a business and thus encourage more customers and repeat customers.

This is an example of one of John Abery’s sculpture that was purchased by and is on display in a Winery.

kneeling nude lady cello Musical instrument wood sculpture by John Abery

The Cello – wood sculpture by John Abery on display at a Winery in Phillip Island Victoria


Corporate Sculpture

Why do corporate entities buy sculpture?

Corporate entities also understand the value of owning or renting sculptures. Having an impressive sculpture in a corporate lobby, function room or area that is visited by customers and clients can present an image to clients and customers about the corporate entity. An  impressive sculpture in a function room or at an event can be an ice breaker, even if the clients do not like the sculpture it still presents a conversation stater or a opportunity to change the subject if required.

Why do you buy sculptures?

There are may reasons that people buy sculptures. I now ask you… Why buy sculpture? Let me know, comment below.